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Leaders Could Benefit Immensely and Profoundly by Taking Time to Study and Contemplate These Words!

David, the second King of Israel, is looking back over his life and expressing so many various emotions. As he reviews his leadership with its challenges and temptations and successes too, he is so aware of the truth and fact that Almighty God gives strength.In this most structured piece of writing in the second book of Samuel and you can read all the detail at Chapter 22, even while he is praising God, David goes on to make so many personal references, and why shouldn’t he?He knew this amazing truth that there can be times when God stoops down to minister to us, and to bless us, and of course, we see Him doing this supremely in Jesus.There is that wonderful picture which is so practical, when David describes how God guarded him and kept him, especially when you consider some of the narrow paths of the Judean hillside. Check out the detail and observe how specific this leader is and how secure he was under the most arduous conditions.God is alive. David knew the reality of that only too well, and God speaks and acts and moves and heals and transforms people.Verses 47 to 50 in our passage are all about praise, and this is being uttered 3,000 years ago, and as David draws near the end of his life.David never forgot he was a sinner who had been saved and rescued by the grace of God which was available to him at that time. This leader knew how sin could bring down a king.David’s success was ultimately God’s doing. His rise was totally of God, from the beginning, and his anointing was of God, and his being rescued was of God, and David needed a whole series of rescuings.He even makes personal references here through all these words of praise. He cannot keep his own experiences out of it, and why should he?This is a shepherd boy taken from looking after the flock to this highest of positions in the world.God is so generous when He gives to His servants.David is a very specially chosen vessel.When God rescues, He can also show wrath upon His enemies, and when God is our refuge, there is no need to fear!What a theme for us today, when we look back, and dare to look forward, having moved into a New Year, but this theme is relevant and apposite at any time in the life of a leader.Verse 51 speaks about God saving His anointed one. Sometimes we need saving and rescuing over and over again, because we cam ka e such a mess of things.We read of the greatness of salvation, and its source is God, and only comes from God, through Jesus Christ, and it lasts.God will never change His mind saying – I have made a mistake saving that man – or saving that woman – or showing that person mercy and love and forgiving his sins.God never changes His mind regarding these vital matters!Leaders could benefit so greatly and so immensely and so profoundly by taking time to read and study and contemplate these enlightening words from a man who experienced the hazards and rewards of leadership.Sandy Shaw

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5 Trends That Are Setting Pace For Business Online

The internet has become quite as unpredictable and ever-changing as it has always been. Moreover, with the advent of new technology, hardware, and applications, the internet is spreading it’s ‘tentacles’ even more in various aspects as it relates to doing business online. If you run a business and you have not yet started searching for a way to benefit from all this, then what are you waiting for? These changes in technology determine many of the far-reaching changes that take place in many businesses around the world. Don’t be misled into believing it’s only small business owners and self-employed web entrepreneurs that are missing out. Some of the largest businesses all over the world with enormous funds and work force are ‘squandering’ their chances to capitalise on these changes which are happening.If you’re reading this, it means you want to keep up with internet trends that affects business online. So, go ahead and shut down your email and ignore your phone for some minutes, and pay serious attention because you’re about to learn some of the crucial changes taking place now and those which are set to take place in the near future, needless to say.1. Video Advertising Will Start to Take OverYou must have seen those small ads on the side of Bing search bar or the Google search bar – the sponsored advertising which are only text based and not always attention-grabbing. Well, it’s safe to say that while they aren’t going to vanish anytime soon, they’re going to be ignored by many marketers who are searching for a better means to connect with their crowd. We are referring to video advertising here. Video advertisements are definitely nothing new, with social stations like YouTube dedicated to hosting billions of videos and marketing platforms such as Bing and Facebook offering video options to advertisers. With IN-SERP video advertisements running on the Google, it looks like everyone will be getting joining this type of promotion before long. The possibilities are endless, so anticipate a substantial increase of video advertising coming from businesses and definitely entrepreneurs looking for a wider reach for their business online.2. Mobile devices will dominate desktop computers This might appear like an empty claim, but you will be very wrong if you ever imagine that, even for a minute! 2015 recorded a substantial growth in the use of mobile browsers to access websites and this growth will keep increasing. Not only was desktop computer traffic taken over by mobile traffic, additionally they released a brand new algorithm upgrade which phased out websites that aren’t optimized for mobile browsing. This is a tremendous move towards mobile sites. More still, Google are saying that, as an online business owner, you must have a mobile friendly website. This tells you how important mobile traffic is for website owners. Google is probably banking on the fact that in the long run, desktop computer traffic will cease to exist and mobile traffic will completely take over. Nevertheless, whichever way things are going at the moment, you have to know that in the coming years, business online will be carried out primarily though mobile devices.3. Indexing of apps will bring about mass app developmentGoogle has provided indexing of apps for quite some time now, however as the search engine position for apps become more sophisticated, many businesses will come to recognise the chances of more exposure for their businesses online. Apps can virtually do anything that any website can do. This is not saying that they are going to replace websites completely, however they’re definitely setting the pace for another medium in 2016 and beyond. You might have to invest in an app as times goes on, because if not, you will be leaving a lot of traffic for your competitors.4. Digital Assistants Will Bring About New OptimizationDigital assistance such as Cortana, Siri and even Google Now were created to assist us when we are trying to find things online, thereby making internet search a breeze. Undoubtedly, traditional SEO techniques and PPC marketing are the most popular right now as it pertains to making your website known to a lot of people from many part of the world. However, the entrant of these assistants will lead to a fresh type of optimization and you need to start considering it. Here is what you have to do – think of ways to make your websites’ contents easily accessible to these digital assistants. Agreed, these assistants do make use of Google search to deliver their search results, however if you want to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to doing business online, you will need to optimize things a little bit different from the way you use to do it.5. Wearable technologyThis may be somewhat farther in the future than the other trends, however, it’s not that far off. Technology like the smart watches will change online business for a long time. The chances to advertise through these smart, wearable devices will be endless. Shortly they are going to become household devices like the desktop computers and laptops before them. Be ready for a whole new world of marketing platform when that finally happens. This might be a little bit further in the future though.

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