Seniors Need to Demand the Health Care They Deserve

It appears that seniors in our society have become complacent about ho-hum health care. In a recent study, most seniors stated they were satisfied with their primary health care even though they indicated that their doctors were not asking them about health issues that can mean life or death to older Americans. Almost a third of those polled said that their doctors never asked them about the medications they were taking, and only 30% had doctors who had inquired about their incidence of falling which basically amounts to ignoring the #1 cause of injury for senior citizens. In response to these discoveries, seniors need to step up their game and become more proactive during visits to their primary care doctors.The number one rule of all doctor visits is to take a list of all the medications you are taking with you, including the dosage. Include any dietary supplements and over-the-counter preparations you are taking, too. You might also consider writing down a list of questions you want to ask. You can do this over the several weeks prior to the appointment. Just jot down thoughts as they come to you, and during time spent with the doctor, you’ll be able to read them off knowing that you aren’t forgetting to mention something important.Never hesitate to discuss anything relevant with your doctor. Be completely honest, because not even the most skilled physician can keep you in good health without knowing exactly how you’re feeling. Some topics may seem difficult to talk about, but rest assured that your doctor has already heard it all, and anything you have to say is just a part of a physician’s day’s work. Don’t be afraid to admit to the truths about your condition. For example, if you are experiencing difficulty with your driving, don’t hold this information back for fear you may lose your license. It may well be that your doctor can help you with these problems, and, if not, you shouldn’t be driving, for your own safety and that of other drivers.Make sure your primary care physician is aware of any other doctors you are seeing and any medications the other doctors have prescribed. Your health care program needs to be coordinated by someone, and your primary care doctor is the best one for the job.Don’t let your doctor try to rush you through a check-up. Ask questions, and insist on answers. Many doctors have little experience with older patients and tend to feel uncomfortable navigating in unknown territory. Therefore, the doctor could be ignoring something that’s wrong with you because he doesn’t want to deal with it. A sad fact about today’s health care is that most seniors totally trust their doctors to take care of them, even when they aren’t. If you feel like you’re getting a runaround, you probably are. The sooner most conditions are diagnosed, the better your chances of beating them. Therefore, insist on the care you deserve.

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Who Are the Potential Borrowers for Commercial Property Loans?

In the country’s current economic climate, business owners and real estate investors face harrowing challenges when it comes to securing financing to purchase or renovate commercial properties. However, the prospect is not impossible. Commercial property loans are available once the borrower has all of his or her ducks in a row.When seeking a commercial financial lender, the potential borrower should find a lender who is willing to share more than one loan option. The borrower can help expedite the process by taking the time to educate him or her on the basics of procuring a commercial loan well ahead of actually approaching a lender. Due diligence will make the process go much more smoothly.Traditional commercial property loans will have either variable or fixed interest rates.A lot of business owners find difficulty in coming up with a sufficient down payment required for a conventional loan. In addition to this, they must also present money for the additional soft costs, which include closing costs, filing fees, processing fees and other expenditures.When seeking a lender for commercial property loans, the borrower should seek out the lender who operates from an innovative lending platform, that is, someone who is willing to go over and aboveboard to help the borrower procure the funds. There should be multiple loan programs from which the lender can choose and the lending organization or individual should hail from an experienced, seasoned background and be well versed in the ins and outs of commercial property loans. The sign of a good commercial lender is the ability to give fast, accurate quotes and to give approvals upon which the borrower can count.The borrower should seek a lender that offers flexible, fast financing. A streamline, simplified loan process is an added plus, especially when the lender requires more relaxed underwriting guidelines. This can save the borrower a lot of time and headaches. It can also save money.Ideally, the borrower should find a lender who will make commercial property loans to at least 90 percent of the loan-to-value rate. The lender should also offer 30-year terms on commercial loans. This should apply to both traditional as well as non-traditional properties. A good lender will be able to wrap up the entire loan arrangement and close within 30 to 45 days. They should also offer unlimited cash-out refinancing.If the borrower is looking for a low, permanent fixed rate loan for commercial real estate to acquire refinanced or stabilized commercial properties that include hotels, industrial locations, mobile home parks, multifamily dwellings and the like, a conduit loan may be the answer. This type of commercial property loan offers potential borrowers the lowest fixed rate financing for commercial enterprises, beginning at 70 BPS over the conventional Treasury rates. They also offer high leverage rates for investors by offering a standard 80 percent loan-to-value ratio and an option to increase leverage as high as 90 percent.No personal guarantees are required for these non-recourse commercial property loans, other than the standard borrower fraud or other behaviors that are illegal.

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